Monday, February 22, 2010

AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition download

AVG Free Edition

Yes,AVG is the well-known antivirus.but it might not the best. AVG Free Edition is available free-of-charge to home users only. Like any other paid OR free antivirus software,it might slow down your system. If your system has low system resource,the latest AVG might made you wait for loading...If your PC running slow for unknown reasons,You CAN open task manager to check which program cost most memory usage by right click on the system tray and select task manager.

Whenever AVG has newest updates,when it downloading updates, it gonna consumes the max speed of your Internet connection for itself, leaving you face a substantial decrease in your connection.

Features of AVG
* Automatic update functionality, update files can be downloaded and transported to a computer which doesn’t have an Internet connection.
* The AVG Resident Shield, which provides real-time protection as files are opened and programs are run
* The AVG E-mail Scanner, which protects your e-mail
* The AVG On-Demand Scanner, which allows the user to schedule and perform manual tests
* Free Virus Database Updates for the lifetime of the product
* AVG Virus Vault for safe handling of infected files

The best things about AVG is they do offer a very proffesional Free Edition antivirus software online. Easy to Use and “Lightweight for those who have fast computer”.

 AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition download Link:

AVG FREE Edition come with Email Scanner, Anti virus and anti-spyware.It can be download freely for those personal and non-commercial use,It compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP .

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